My primary teaching interests are in Operation Management and Business Analytics. I am also interested in teaching Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Analytics, Healthcare Analytics, Quantitative Methods, Probability and Statistics. Below are my teaching experiences.

  • Fundamentals of Operations Management (Undergraduate Required Core) [Link]
    Instructor, Gies College of Business, Fall 2023
    Evaluation: 4.3/5.0, List of “Teachers Ranked as Excellent”

    In this course, students will be introduced to decision making frameworks and techniques for effectively and efficiently managing operations through coordinated efforts across different organizations in a supply chain and across multiple areas within an organization.

  • Business Analytics II (Undergraduate Required Core) [Link]
    Instructor, Gies College of Business, Fall 2022

    Expanding on the use of statistics in generating basic inferences to predictive modeling. Identify opportunities for improving business decisions using data, conduct relevant analysis of the gathered and cleaned data, and finally, interpret and present analysis outcomes to decision makers.